The winery is located in Tragana, in the Chardonnay vineyard. It is one of the most modern wineries in Greece. It was completed in 2012 and it’s 2000 square meters. Interestingly, it has three levels, in order to operate largely on the "gravity flow" principle.

At the lowest level, there is the cellar with the oak barrels for the maturation of the wines. The wines stay either in the barrels or in the bottles for a period that may last up to three years.

One level up, the fermentors for red wine are located. In this area, normally no pumps are used, in order to prevent any damage to the skins of the berries (tearing) and to result in better wine in terms of quality. More specifically, filling of the fermentors is done via conveyor belts or very small tanks. Breaking the cap is done with a piston (piégeage) and emptying the fermentor to the barrels, with gravity.

Finally, at the top level, there are, the grape receiving area, the white wine – fermentation room, the bottling room and two storage rooms. In addition, there are two tasting rooms, where large groups or VIP guests may be entertained.